Snowbirds live a lifestyle many only dream about. They live in Canada during the warmer months of the year then fly off to a warmer climate as soon as the snow hits the ground. Though this can be a fun and rewarding lifestyle, it also means that the home they keep here in Canada should meet certain standards. Leaving a full-sized family home with a lawn to tend to, high heating costs and no one to safeguard it while they’re gone can often lead to more stress than it’s worth. That’s where condos come in!

8 Reasons why condos for snowbirds make sense

There are many reasons why snowbirds prefer to own a condo rather than a single-family home. Since they’re only living in it for half the year, it makes sense that a condo is the top choice.

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1. Condos are low maintenance

When you only spend half a year in your home, you no doubt want something that is easy to take care of and that is very low maintenance. The last thing you want to spend your time doing is tasks like cutting the grass, raking leaves or shoveling snow. Since you won’t have to spend your time worrying about maintaining the grounds, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your summer!

2. They offer easy living

With very little maintenance to do on your home a condo is very easy to live in. Since snowbirds are only living in the home for half the year, a condo offers much less space to clean and maintain as compared to a single-family home.

3. You can just lock it up and go

When the warm season is over in Canada and you’re ready to head back south there’s nothing better than being able to just lock up and head out. Owning a condo rather than a house or duplex means that you won’t have to worry about having someone come by to tend to your home while you’re gone or leaving the lights on to ward off intruders.

4. Condo buildings are secure

Since most condo buildings have some form of security, whether in the form of a guard, secure entrance or camera system, you will rest assured that your home is safe when you are not in town to check on it.

5. Has all the amenities you’ll need

When you spend just half a year living here you’ll no doubt appreciate having amenities like a pool, gym, laundry and food services located close to your home. If you’ve made the move to get rid of your vehicle, you’ll especially appreciate having all the amenities you want right within walking distance in a community like Burlington or Oakville.

6. Lower utility costs when not there

When homeowners and renters don’t have a full-sized house to heat and power, the utility costs are naturally going to be lower. This is especially important during the winter months when you won’t be home, since you won’t have to worry about keeping the heat high enough to avoid pipes freezing.

7. Reduced rent/mortgage compared to single-family home or duplex

With the cost of rent trending steadily upwards, a condo offers a way to keep expenses lower than if you were maintaining a single-family home. Your monthly rent or mortgage will often be much lower with a condo, so you can use those monthly savings to just enjoy the lifestyle you’ve created.

8. Condos for snowbirds are a great investment

If you’re looking to get started in the real estate market or have a portfolio you want to grow, purchasing a condo with the intention of renting it to snowbirds can be a very lucrative and secure venture. Many snowbirds are willing to pay the lease for the whole year, despite only living in it for half of the year. This means you’ll only have to do your landlord duties while they are in town, but will be able to collect the income from their rent all year round. Since current interest rates seem to be holding steady, purchasing a condo can be a great investment move for any level of buyer.

Condos are the best choice for snowbirds

When looking to maintain a high quality of living during the months that you will be in Canada, opting for a condo is often the best way to go. Not only will you save money each month when compared to what you’d spend on a single-family home, you’ll also get to experience a much easier way of life. With many amenities at your fingertips and no need to worry about maintenance around the building, you’ll feel comfortable leaving your home each winter to enjoy the summer year-round. And, with so many pre-construction projects getting started around the GTA you can choose your perfect home in the fall, head south for the winter, then come back and check on the progress or move in the following spring!