The reasons people choose to move into a condo are many. For some, they are looking to downsize in order to travel more, so the amenities that come with the unit aren’t a big selling point. However, for many others the amenities that are included when they buy their condo unit can make or break the sale.

Top amenities that new buyers look for in a new condo development

Of course, buyers aren’t all going to be looking for the same thing when it comes to amenities in their new condo building but the ones listed here will all be great options to offer in a new condo development. When planning a development consider who your target demographic will be to help determine which amenities would be best to include.

Current new and pre-construction condo projects has developers wanting to meet the demands of condo buyers. True, there are condo fees but for those looking for more in life and a amenity-rich lifestyle, it is well worthwhile and a hassle-free way to live!

A work area

With working from home becoming such a common practice many condo buyers will be looking for a way to balance their home and work life, and the inclusion of a good co-working space onsite can be a major selling point.

A rec room

A dedicated room where tenants, whether kids or adults, can gather and have fun is a great amenity to offer. Activities like a ping pong table, pool table, dart board and foosball table can all offer tenants a space to unwind in and get to know their neighbours.

A pool

With the hot summers that are popular in southern Ontario a pool is often considered a standard amenity with new condo builds. Whether it’s rooftop or ground level, indoors or outdoors, a pool area with a whirlpool or hot tub is an amenity that most buyers will be looking for.

A great fitness center

Gone are the days when a simple room with a weight rack and a treadmill would satisfy a tenant. Today’s condo owners are looking for a space where they can get a complete, top notch workout without having to battle traffic or deal with a commute. A workout room, on site basketball hoop, yoga room and even fitness classes are all details that can entice new buyers to the building.

Outdoor common areas

Since the outdoor space in a condo unit is often limited, the quality of outdoor communal space that is offered in a new condo can make a big impact. Rooftop green spaces, community BBQ areas, a communal garden and even a couple fire pits can be an excellent selling feature.

Spaces that cater to children

Depending on the demographic that you are wanting to target, including amenities like an onsite daycare, a kids’ play area, a kid focused pool area, and even hosted children’s events can draw in families. The location of the condo development in relation to schools and parks will also be a major factor when parents are looking to buy a new condo.

A dedicated party space

A dedicated space for tenants to host a gathering is an amenity that some owners may prioritize. A space for people to reserve or rent that offers a cooking area, some space to entertain guests and an area to prepare drinks can allow tenants of all ages to feel at home in their new condo.

A secure door service

Whether it’s a digital doorman in the form of video system at the door or there’s an active front desk in the lobby of the condo building, the security of the building will play a large role in whether owners are inclined to invest. Younger buyers especially expect their building to offer significant security measures and including them in a new condo build can help them feel more comfortable in their investment.

Condo fees are often very  much worth it

As the demographic of typical condo investors changes, so too do the amenities that they’re looking for in a building. Although increased amenities quite often means that the condo fee will also be higher, those fees are also tied with a higher quality of life. Owners are starting to spend more time at home so the increased availability of things to do is definitely worth the increased investment for most buyers.