When considering where to buy a condo in 2019, look no further than Burlington, Ontario! This mid-sized city situated just an hour from downtown Toronto is a great place to invest in a condo, especially considering that despite years’ hot market.

Rated Canada’s best mid-sized city by Money Sense Magazine for 5 years in a row, Burlington is a great place to live, regardless of your family size or style. There are many amenities within easy reach, it’s just close enough to the GTA- but also just far enough away to avoid the craziness of the city, and it has tons to offer in terms of schools and park space.

With several new developments set to break ground in the coming year, it’s never been a better time to buy a condo in Burlington.

Burlington rated Best Mid-Sized City to Live in by Money Sense Magazine

Earning the honour of being named one of the top places to live in Canada for several years in a row makes Burlington an easy choice for a city to settle down in. Money Sense magazine uses several metrics to rate cities, and Burlington ranks well in all of them! A few top reasons why Burlington consistently makes this list are:

1. It is prosperous and relatively affordable

In today’s housing market it can be difficult for growing families to afford full size homes, making condos the perfect alternative. Purchasing real estate in Toronto is extremely expensive. Burlington condos provide more square footage per dollar than Toronto, and are obviously more affordable than detached homes. Thus, they’re more suitable for new and growing families. Burlington’s median household income of nearly $100,000 and a nearly 80% ownership rate demonstrates that a condo in this suburb of the GTA is a great choice for new home buyers this year.

2. It is safe

With a 2% crime rate and a 36% reduction in crime over the last 5 years, Burlington (as part of Halton region) is actually the safest large municipality in all of Canada- for the 13th straight year!

3. It is easy to get around the city

Burlington has both a bus system within the city and easy access to the GO Train to move around the GTA. With 5% of the population using public transit to get to work each day, it’s a system that is well cared for within the city.

4. Burlington is also named a best city to retire

For 2018, Money Sense also named Burlington among the top cities in Canada to retire – coming in at number 4. Retirees downsizing often choose condos – which means the market demand will remain hot!

5. Burlington offers easy-to-handle weather

Over 65% of the year the temperature is over 0 degrees C, making Burlington a very comfortable city to live in year-round.

6. Great amenities

With everything that residents could ever need sitting within the borders of the city, it’s easy to see why Burlington consistently ends up at the top of the list.

7. Home to outstanding new condo developments

Burlington’s booming condo market is apparent when you see the numerous new developments available for viewing or pre-sale. Along with developments still in their planning stages, there are also some great neighbourhoods with condos already available to the market.

Alton Village is an amazing neighbourhood for families of all sizes to call home. With beautiful parks & walking paths, great schools, and easy shopping and dining all within minutes of your front door, buyers are sure to forget there is a city surrounding them.

Several new condo developments are on the horizon, like Valera by ADI which is currently in pre-construction sales, and the upcoming LINKS2 and MODRN Condos also by ADI. Having multiple developments set to begin construction means good things for the future of Burlington’s condo market.

8. Big city living, small city feel

The amenities available within Burlington make travelling into Toronto an activity that residents only have to take on if they want to. No matter which neighbourhood they live in, homeowners can expect easy access to all kinds of amenities. Many of Burlington’s leading neighbourhoods even feel like self contained cities themselves, making the decision to buy a condo in this area an easy one. Buyers will get all the perks of big city life, but get to enjoy the feel of small city living.

9. Access to shopping, dining and education right in your backyard

Burlington is a hub of great shopping and dining options. Owning a condo here means homeowners have a home in a completely self sustained area, and that they never have to fight the traffic that the GTA is full of! Current buyers are getting tired of having to deal with the growth and congestion within Toronto, and now more than ever they’re looking for solutions that are far enough outside of the GTA to not feel the big city vibe, but close enough that they can head in if they want to.

Now is the time to invest in Burlington’s Condo Market

Stepping on board with a pre-construction condo has never been a better investment. As we move through 2019 and into 2020, millennials are reaching the age where they are likely to step into first time home buyer status, and they will likely make up the largest percentage of home buyers this year and next. Investing in a pre-construction property is a great opportunity to flip your investment as they become ready to buy.

Whether you are in the market for an investment property, a first-time home, or just a change from your current situation, Burlington is the hot place to buy this year. From existing condos on the market to units in pre-construction with great incentives to buy, there is sure to be something that suits your needs within the city.

Talk to us today to get in on a ground floor opportunity with our pre-construction condos, or to see what else we have available right now!