Buying Pre-Construction Condos and Properties (to Live)

FACT: Pre-construction property  home buyers in the Burlington, Oakville and Greater Toronto over the last decade has left buyers equity-rich.

But is it fact that the best deals to be had when buying pre-construction is directly from the developer/builder? The answer is “Maybe – not always”. That’s when the value of The Patty Oliveira Team comes in – particularly on select on select projects. How?

We team with only the finest developers and bring them qualified buyers with our representation. Does that mean we get a discount? Not really.

Working with us ensures you get the best DEAL. That the characteristics of a great deal means that you get maximum condo or property value for your dollar, which often may include:

  • Learning about what’s coming available for sale before the general public
  • First/early access to pick your preferred unit within the development
  • Preferential Purchase and Sale agreement terms
  • Access to our preferred partners who can help you secure the best mortgage rates, legal fees and make you aware of closing costs involved

These points add up to purchasing a condo or pre-construction home that is “prime” and thus poised for immediate capital appreciation. In short, with the best financing rates, best unit in the best developments in the best market in Canada – among the worlds’ best – means that when you do sell, you’ll be selling for top dollar.



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Buying a pre-construction condo to live in an ideal way to get into or downsize within the market. If you’ve time to wait for a closing date in the future, we’ll help you navigate the purchase.

Buying Pre-Construction is Smart

Purchasing a pre-construction condo to live is a way to earn capital appreciation before you ever take possession of your unit. While only making deposits a fraction of the cost of the unit, the whole of the price of the condo appreciates. That means on closing, you’re well ahead (based on how the market has performed over the last decade).

Pre-Construction Purchases and Your Options

Although buying a pre-construction condo to live in is a great idea, by the time it is built your job location or life situation might have changed and it’s no longer suitable. We can help you rent out your condo, sell it on taking possession or help you with re-assignment!

I was helping my daughter get started with her first home purchase. It just made sense to buy a condo in Burlington. A short commute to work and a wonderful location to “live”. Of course, I looked at it from an investment perspective and in just a couple of years, I realized I couldn’t have made a better investment elsewhere if I tried.

Peter C.

I bought a condo through Patty in the ADI Developments project on Dundas almost two years before taking possession. Wow! Not only to I love living there but a neighbour sold my exact unit for over $60k more than I paid – and prices are still rising fast!

Sharon T.