Buying Investment Condos to Rent

Rental properties can be a great part of your investment portfolio. Finding the right property, however, is vital. What are the traits of successful private rental property owners? There’s no one size fits all, but importantly, here are many questions to ask yourself:

  • How do I buy a condo at the best/right right price?
  • What’s the best way to finance the purchase?
  • Where should I buy?
  • Is a condo better than a detached  home rental property?
  • How do I find a (good) tenant? 
  • How much should I charge for rent?
  • What if I decide to sell it?

As condo rental experts, we have YOUR answers!

For every question we’ve your answers. You see, we’re investors ourselves and our clients have replicated our success – with many purchasing multiple properties and accumulating capital wealth. Our formula is aimed at securing excellent properties at the best deal. This often involves working with our key builder partners to buy properties pre-construction/new condos. Our preferred access to the best terms for clients  means you you start making money on the day you make the deal (not the day you deposit the first rent cheque!). Oh, and we help clients find great renters, too! 



The Patty Oliveira Team has matched many investors with condo rental properties in Burlington, Hamilton and Niagara Region that earn profit from day 1. Will you be next? 

Reasons to Buy a Rental Property

  • As a long term holding for retirement income
  • As a short term investment (considering “flipping” it)
  • As a home I can later rent/gift to my children?
  • As a home to retire to later…and more!

How you buy your rental property matters, as well as how you intend to dispose of it. We’ve experience with buyer/investors and the best developers in the business.


We are also condo property owners ourselves. We live what we sell and are so pleased to see our clients achieve similar success!

Pre-Construction Condo Projects

Getting your investment earning for you from day 1 is vital. Buying a pre-construction condo means minimal layout of funds while the unit appreciates in value until you assume possession. You’re essential gaining capital appreciation for the difference in time, assuming increases in real estate value.

Highly Attractive to Renters

Renting a brand new condo is a renters dream. They get a never-lived-in new home, while you gain the benefit of market advantage commanding premium rent.

As an existing rental property owner in Burlington, Patty and her team helped me realize I was likely missing out on pre-construction purchase opportunities right here within the city (even on development projects that weren’t yet advertised). I’m glad I spoke to them and can’t wait for the pre-sales event!

Carm M. - Burlington

I have two rental properties and I’ve done well, however, felt it was enough for me. Chatting with Patty, she uncovered and opportunity I hadn’t given any thought to (because I didn’t know about it). She explained the ins-and-outs of “buying to sell” as well as an opportunity to re-assign my purchase. Definitely interested!